Finally, the most inventive use of all, which gives vent to the imagination … you can understand it from the name: “ decoration with barbecue sauce ”. Useful for those who are a creative genius and want to experiment with aggressive and impactful dishes, or calm and elegant, but certainly never predictable. Like any accompanying sauce, even the barbecue sauce can be used as a decoration of the dish : perhaps distributed in small drops, if you just want to feel the hint of its taste, or with Pollock-style sprinkles or brushstrokes to give more character and impact visual to the plate Kansas City BBQ sauce.

The barbecue sauce is an explosion of taste that can totally transform what you eat, giving character and decision without being too strong

Meat skewers: sauces and tips

Meat skewers are the most classic version, the first image that springs to mind when you think of this dish. The skewers of meat can be composed of different types of raw material: from the most basic versions as beef , chicken and pork to the more rustic options such as meat of sheep or lamb .

What sauce could be combined with meat skewers? The options are different, depending on personal tastes and the aftertaste that you want to have in your mouth once the dish is finished. A classic option to accompany the meat skewers are ketchup and mayonnaise , which with their unmistakable taste never disappoint.

For those who love to feel the palate sizzle and sting , the Mexican sauce is the right choice. The spiciness of the chilli, mitigated by the sweetness of the tomato and pepper, will be the combination capable of revolutionizing a simple dish like skewers, giving a touch of caliente .

How to cook on the barbecue

An ancient cooking method that has been transformed from an essential necessity into a pleasant occasion for lunches or dinners with friends in the open air. The barbecue is the best cooking method to appreciate the authentic taste of meat and today we will see together the cooking techniques, which barbecue to use, the ideal types of meat to prepare and even how to cook pizza on this stove. There are many barbecue recipes that we can offer, for unique dishes and majestic main courses, up to an unusual dessert.