There are few achievements in this world that can come anywhere close to writing a full novel at this current point in time. As a result of the fact that this is the case, many people are looking into writing things that other people would want to read. You can choose all kinds of genres if you are thinking of writing a novel, with both non fiction as well as fiction being suitable choices without a shadow of a doubt based on the kind of reader that you are hoping to target.

Once you have finished writing a novel, the next step would be to get it published and this really isn’t all that difficult since publishers are always looking for new voices that they can elevate.

The publisher would want you to do a reading with a small, intimate group of people though, and they might rent limos in Grand Rapids MI to help you go about doing this sort of thing since limos provide a very lush and luxurious space that would allow everyone inside of it to focus on nothing except the book that you are reading from.

A captive audience is all you really need if you are a good enough writer. You can judge the weight of your book quite significantly by monitoring how people react to it when you are reading it. Most people don’t really care if you take offense to their reactions, so if the book you have written is not that great you can be sure that someone or the other will let you know and you can make changes to the novel if you feel like their criticism was justified.