The rapid growing industry of oil and gas exploration, as well as production are the prime source for rigless intervention system.  These rigless intervention systems mainly enclose some of the services like wireline, coiled tubing, as well as hydraulic workover. This intervention system does not require any traditional workover rig to be used. With the help of these intervention systems, the downhole activities in wells can be performed easily.

Benefits to know about the rigless intervention system

Rigless intervention systems are mainly used to install different types of conductors before the actual drilling rig is mainly brought to the site. As the riglessintervention systems are mainly capable of saving around 20 days of a rig’s time.  This intervention system can also be utilized for the workover activities.

The rigless intervention system is mainly used for different types of functions like pulling the tubing strings. This type of intervention system has got different advantages over the conventional workover rig methods. This system mainly helps in improving efficiency, generates higher cost savings, guarantees more safety as well as mainly improves the response time to a greater extent.

The pre-installation of conductors is one of the major applications in the areas of rigless intervention systems.

Different parts of the rigless intervention system to know about

This intervention system can be tailored for many other activities like well servicing, construction as well as decommissioning activities. The particular system mainly excels where there is limited space as well as having strict deadlines dictate equipment having minimal footprint as well as fast assembly time. Some of the different parts of a rigless intervention system are as follows:

  1. Offshore as well as onshore
  2. Decommissioning
  3. Well-abandonment
  4. The wellbore tubular extraction
  5. The pre-installation of the conductor
  6. The setting of new casing
  7. The downhole operations

The rigless intervention system can mainly be adapted for different types of operational needs which mainly replaces the traditional rig approach. With this, there will be a considerable amount of cost and time savings.These are some of the important facts to know about the rigless intervention system.