Mice are small creatures that belong to the rodent family. They prefer living in proximity with the humans because of the easy availability of shelter and food. They can cause a lot of damage in multiple ways. Mice destroy crops, damage insulation, disrupt building structure and transmit fatal infectious diseases. Food items that come in direct contact with mice can cause diseases varying from minor food poisons to acute diseases like tularemia. Out of all the infections through mice, most of them are spread by their urine and faeces. In Bulgaria, the most common types of mice are house mice, field mice, and forest mice. The professional techniques против мишки  inside buildings are done by first estimating the number of mice in that place.


Steps против мишки (against mice) in Bulgaria

Prevent Pest Control serves in the segment of mice examination under the legislation of Bulgaria according to the requirements of HEI. It takes very important and quick measures to get rid of mice in residential areas, warehouses, public buildings, commercial sites and farms. The service is provided one time or repeated at regular intervals on the basis of the subscription plan selected. The activities by  Prevent Pest Control are controlled by higher government authorities. As a preparation strategy, food is kept at places that are hard to reach for mice. All the spaces through which mice can enter are filled with substances like cement, broken glass or anything that stops mice. Anti-mouse detergents are kept in areas where mice are suspected. This detergent is such that it does not harm people if touched or ingested accidentally. The methods used for derivatization are modern techniques. Rodenticides are used in large numbers by them as they repel mice efficiently. The rodenticides are mixed with food that is kept to attract mice. After mice eat it, it takes several days for them to die.

The whole mice examination service in the Sofia-city and Sofia region territory is done at the prices indicated on the website. For other locations, the rates are negotiable depending on factors like exact problem, area of the site, the seriousness of the infection, and the type of the site. A mouse trap can be used in case the number of mice are very few. Mice possesses the ability to recognise humans with smell. Hence, gloves should be used while placing any kind of detergent.