Anyone with an interest to start and running a lucrative trucking business is advised to consider and keep in mind some important things. For example, you can choose a specific industry know your truck and its properties in detail, lease or rent a truck when you cannot buy a truck, keep your paperwork safe, determine your costs, create an effective strategy, treat your drivers right, and be visible.

Start trucking business 

Have you decided to know how to start trucking business in the Philippines? You can contact and discuss with experts in the competitive trucking business at any time you wish to commence and succeed in the trucking business. You can focus on the vehicle type and monthly income for full-time when you like to know about how to use every chance to succeed in the trucking business.

Individuals who use the delivery van that is Mitsubishi L300FB can earn P105, 000 per month on average. Do not forget to deduct approximately19% for commissions. If they use the closed van light truck like Isuzu Elf, 6-wheeler, and 4-wheeler, then they can earn P145, 000 per month on average. They must deduct approximately 20% for commissions.

Goods service The main steps 

It is the appropriate time to knowhow to start trucking business in the nation. The first step is to acquire or borrow the delivery truck. The second step is to get the essential permits and franchises. The third step is to enroll your vehicle and a driver in Transportify. The fourth step is to turn on your app, accept bookings, and start delivering.