In each county the car insurance charges are different and the procedures they follow to fix the car insurance premium will vary. For example, if we look at the country Thailand the car insurance premium will be determined based on the car insurance grouping. In this grouping, a range of categories is followed and usually, that is one to fifty. The car will be categorized in this range based on the cost of the car, the cost that needs to spend to repair the car and also the availability of the accessories and the cost of them, the performance of the car, and also the driver’s age. With all the details, if the category comes at a lesser number then the premium is less for the insurance and the payout for the car if it met with accidents also will be less. But, if the car is categorized at a higher number then the payout also will be higher.

What are the types of insurance for motorbike in Thailand?

In this car insurance premium determination, the driver’s age plays a crucial role. If the driver is young then the premium will be higher where the age is more the premium is less. Because the elder people are already proven that they are driving safely and they were not involved in many accidents. So that they are providing concessions on the insurance premium. But the youngster is not like that and to make them feel responsible they charge higher premium so that they may care about their driving skills and will drive safely. Though the reason sounds good when we consider the money it seems high. So what are the ways to reduce the insurance premium? Here in this article further we are going to see certain Tips to reduce insurance premiums for young thai drivers.

  • Purchasing compulsory car insurance is one way where they can reduce the premium charges. This can be purchased for a year and also need to renew every year along with the car tax in Thailand. This compulsory car insurance also will cover a decent payout for the same and also for the third party hence will give hand to reduce the premium charges.
  • Also participating in multiple car insurance events the premium can be reduced by getting discounts. Sometimes in the residence, the people will so together as a group where that can be used.
  • Apart from these, the driver needs to prove that they are safe to drive hence they may get discounts on insurance premiums. For this, they have to drive carefully and safely and should prove that they are trusted drivers.