A side business is an excellent way to raise your income, and some side businesses even produce passive income like affiliate marketing. Even before the pandemic, people looked for ways to boost their income. The Amazon Associates affiliate program is the best option to sign up for amazon affiliate program.

Amazon Associates: How do they work?

Through sign up for amazon affiliate program, you can promote eligible Amazon products through a unique product link to your target market. Once the customer clicks the link, they will be taken to the Amazon website where the item is listed. You will receive a commission if they purchase the product within 24 hours. This fee varies by product type and is calculated as a percentage of the product’s price.

You will not earn commissions on any further purchases when a buyer closes their tab without making a purchase. When a buyer returns to the website with one of your affiliate links, you get a new 24-hour window to earn. When a buyer places an order or goes back to the site through another affiliate’s link, the window expires.

It is not uncommon for a customer to use your link to go to Amazon, add an item to their cart, and then leave without making a purchase. It will not show up on your account until the buyer has purchased the item, accepted delivery, and paid Amazon in full, so you’ll still get a referral fee if they stay in their cart after it expires (usually after 90 days).

What are the requirements for becoming an Amazon affiliate?

In order to earn commissions from Amazon, affiliates must register for free and do not have to maintain a minimum commission level. Once Amazon approves your application, you can begin advertising their products immediately. Promotion of Amazon products and services will only require a suitable medium.

The website

To qualify, your blog should have ten or more uniquely written entries within the last two months. The most recent entry should not be older than a year old.

amazon affiliate account

  • Patent infringement
  • Contains sexually explicit content
  • Engage in criminal activities or incite violence
  • Using racial, gender, sexual orientation, national, and age discrimination


Apps that fit Amazon’s criteria can even apply via their mobile apps.

  • Become available on Apple, Google Play, and Amazon for free
  • The content should be original
  • The shopping app differs from that of Amazon
  • Tracking of prices is not available

The social media

To promote on Amazon’s affiliate marketing program, you must have an active social media account with organic followers (at least 500).

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • tv