Deliveree is a large logistics company that operates more than 30,000 trucks and makes thousands of cargo deliveries per day along Fixed Price Routes. As a result of this volume, they can provide our customers with the most competitive costs possible by selecting the lowest offers from several different truck providers for each fleet and route. You can access our price list using the mobile application by first determining the cost of shipping an item. This is an effective method for lowering the expenses associated with logistics. Compare the prices of all of the different trips’ postage right now.” — Tom Kim, Chief Executive Officer of Deliveree. You can check the postage of all expeditions cek ongkos kirim semua ekspedisi.

Trustworthy and reliable service

When you use Deliveree to check the postage of all of your shipments, you gain access to the best shipping checks and freight prices made available by our vast platform, which collaborates with more than 30,000 truck drivers. When you enter a route into our program, the Deliveree price will reflect the trucking company with the lowest bid for that route among all of the trucking companies that serve that route. You can only acquire prices if you contact numerous trucking companies, check which freight forwarders offer the lowest prices, and then compare all the individual quotations to determine which one is the most affordable. Your valuable time will, without a doubt, be consumed by it. Deliveree relieves you of the burden of performing all these tasks while offering you the best and most affordable price.