Thanks to our design awnings in aluminum and glass you can enjoy the summer sheltered from the sun and the winter atmosphere without freezing. A veranda is the perfect solution to extend the boundaries of your home, to live like in a garden in all seasons, but with the comfort of an interior space. Get the best patio enclosures in Edmond, OK.

The veranda is ideal for adding a new bright and welcoming room to your home, a connecting element between the internal and external environment. For this reason it is essential that it has the same levels of performance, design, resistance, functionality and energy efficiency as the other rooms in the house.

Aluminum and glass verandas: the advantages

If you are wondering why to choose aluminum awnings, here are some of the obvious advantages: aesthetically they are beautiful to look at, also because they are completely customizable in colors,

they are highly resistant to atmospheric agents and therefore do not require special maintenance over time,

the structure can be assembled quickly, because the aluminum is light and highly shapeable,

thanks to the ease of assembly and the low cost of the main material, they can be cheaper than those in pvc and wood.

Thanks to its flexibility, the pergola with sliding cover allows you to enjoy an outdoor space in any season . The wide choice of models and materials facilitates the insertion in any context, residential or commercial, combining practicality, wallet needs and aesthetics . Furthermore, the offers on the market today guarantee a considerable duration.

The size of the structure in the first place , of course. This is the result of the square footage, both of the load-bearing scaffolding and, consequently, of the roof and any side and / or front sliding panels.

Building materials affect the same extent , both of the support component and of the roof. For the first , aluminum , iron , or wood are generally used , which have different prices. Cheaper aluminum, more expensive iron and wood, especially the former . However, consider that there are more valuable woods (for example teak) and other cheaper ones (for example pine). The treatment they undergo to ensure their duration also counts.