When talking about taking THC there are various ways to do it and various products are available in the market through which you can experience the high. Among theseĀ delta 8 carts are the most profound. However, many people don’t agree with it, as they find other methods to be more convenient.

Here are the most common and effective ways to take THC. But, before you learn about those methods, let’s take a brief overview of what exactly is a THC and a delta 8.

What is THC?

THC is a substance responsible for causing the psychoactive reaction when a user takes cannabis. Unlike CBD, THC is highly potent and can cause serious side effects, if not taken as instructed. Sometimes, it is also overwhelming for a beginner, as it is a highly concentrated dose of the psychoactive substance that doesn’t contain the CBD balance intact.

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is a recreational strain of cannabis that solely contains THC. It is mild yet effective which is often tolerable for an avid user, but can be unbelievably overwhelming for a beginner.

Best way to take THC


Vaping is one of the most common ways to take THC. The vape cartridge contains pure THC in liquid form, which is heated by the vape to create smoke, which is later inhaled by the user to get its effects. Vaping is considered to be the fastest way to experience high as it is highly reactive.

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Gummies are Edibles that have been infused with CBD. These gummies are often preferred by people as it offers complete privacy. When it comes to the effectiveness of the gummies, they it is a slow-reacting product, however, the high gotten from edibles is believed to last longer.


Joints are cigarettes that have been created with buds or flowers of cannabis. Its reaction is the same as that of a vape. However, one might also get CBD when smoking a joint.


Tinctures are the liquid form of THC that has been extracted from cannabis. Tinctures always come with high potency and are consumed either directly or by adding to food or beverages. Just like gummies, tinctures work slowly but their effects are known to last long.

These are only a few ways to get your dose of THC. However, if you are looking for a method that reacts rapidly, you should go for either a vape or a joint.