Fake identity documents have been a concern since the inception of identification documents. Having the appropriate identification can provide you access to a variety of benefits, including the ability to buy alcohol, vote, enter private property, and even drive. Photo-editing software has made fabricating IDs so much simpler in the twenty-first century. At least, that’s what they want you to believe. In actuality, the idgod that provide IDs, mostly the government, are also well-versed in forging tactics. In reality, many government-issued IDs have begun to include cutting-edge defenses to make forging any sort of ID considerably more difficult. The driver’s license is one of the most routinely faked official IDs.

What is the Purpose of a Fake Driver’s License?

Here are some of the reasons why you should acquire a fake driver’s license.

  • The cost is inexpensive, especially when handled by offline professionals.
  • When employed as a joke, police officers find it amusing.
  • It is a great source of pranks.
  • It is quick to create and can be done.

Making a Homemade Fake Driver’s License

To obtain a fake driver’s license, you do not need to go online or conduct any online transactions. There are a number of computer centers in the area that provide services other than internet browsing. In a nutshell, computer services plazas all over the place provide fake driver’s license services. All you have to do is call an expert like Idgod, supply your information, and pay. You will be notified to study the preview after the design professional has finished creating the false license. After that, you may use it to trick people. If you’re a teenager, this should be a fantastic source of pranks to make your buddies laugh.


It’s impossible to acquire the precise texture of a driver’s license since the government uses proprietary paper. To get a fine texture, you’ll need teslin paper. If you don’t use a printer with manual settings, your teslin printing will be messy. To match the thickness of the government-issued driver’s license, you’ll also need a pouch laminator. Also, a laminate bag with a holographic covering is recommended.

Making a Fake Driver’s License on Your Own

Here’s how to produce your own fake driver’s license if you don’t want someone else to do it for you.

  • Scanning the front and back of every driver’s license is a good idea.
  • Use any editing software, such as Photoshop, to import the scanned file.
  • Use the clone to wipe the passport and driver’s license clean.
  • Also, on the scanned ID, use the clone tool to delete the name and date of birth.
  • Print the forged driver’s license.
  • It may be printed at any ID printing company.
  • Go ahead and print the cards if you have a plastic card printer.