The idea that pill can supersize your intelligence is decidedly a science fiction. Many drug-makers and researchers are working hard to develop nootropics: supplements, pills and various other substances made to improve different features of cognition.

The rough translation for word “nootropic” derives from Greek for “for shape or bend the mind.” Already, there’re many over-the-counter products—most of which are widely sold online and in stores, which claim to improve memory, creativity, decision-making and other high brain functions. Before taking the supplements, check out what is a nootropic.

Types of Nootropics

Though the work ‘nootropics’ is used for referring natural and synthetic cognitive enhancers, but they can be categorized in synthetic compounds, prescription drugs and dietary supplements.

Natural nootropics are generally derived from the memory-boosting substances found in nature, which includes phytonutrients, herbs, antioxidants and many more.

Synthetic compounds are a bit harder to come as they are not available for OTC purchase. Some of them often need supporting prescriptions. With the research underway on safety of the synthetic nootropics, natural supplements will make for the healthier alternative.

Better Productivity

Nootropics will help you to switch between the tasks simpler. You can find that multitasking gets much easier. It makes it easy to switch from one task to another; you will find that you get much done in the lesser time frame.

Breezing through the smaller tasks can make your day faster. It’s good if you have the short-term task, which needs a huge amount of your focus or if you’re working on the tough deadline. Though available as the prescription drugs, often nootropics are used for treating various medical conditions, like ADHD and dementia. These drugs are widely prescribed for spike in the concentration and short term memory, but be careful when taking in high dose.

There are some nootropic dietary supplements that have multiple and mixtures of ingredients, though there’s no evidence how these ingredients may interact. Many have proprietary blends that will leave consumer unaware about how much of every individual ingredient works in the product. Always keep in mind: More isn’t always better.

Effective Dosages

Finding all-in-one effective nootropic stack with effective and adequate dosage levels is very important. Obviously, taking nootropic supplement with low dosages will not give noticeable improvements and benefits to your mental and cognition skills. But, taking plenty of supplements can cause certain side effects, like nausea and headaches.