All of the effects seen with SR9009 may be attributed to the activation of rev-erb (nr1d1, nr1d2) in the body. It has been shown that the protein rev-erb influences the circadian behaviour of mice, specifically on the activity and sleep cycles. In addition to its effect on the circadian rhythm, rev-erb is known to have an impact on many other processes associated with the generation of energy (suppression of bmal1 production).

The first thing about sr9009 that you need to be aware of is that it has not been tested on actual patients and has not yet been effective in any phase 1 or 2 clinical trials.

The information that was gathered from the personal experiences of users shows that stenabolic will:

  • Raise the energy level you’re currently operating at.
  • Increase your stamina.
  • Get rid of your feeling of exhaustion.
  • Increase the degree of intensity of the exercises you’re already doing.
  • Maintaining your muscle mass when cutting is important.

Even though it may be acquired either in the form of capsules or as a liquid in a dropper vial, it is marketed and sold only over the internet as a “research chemical.” this suggests that it was never designed for consumption by humans.

In addition, the purchase of sarms is not in violation of any laws

A sizeable number of stenabolic users have confirmed the supplement’s efficiency in minimizing fat accumulation and facilitating weight reduction. [citation needed] both raising one’s level of physical activity and speeding up one’s metabolism is highly useful for getting rid of unnecessary pounds. Increasing one’s level of physical activity may help one lose weight.