Handyman jobs are the small jobs like of plumbing, repairing and making things in house. People performing these jobs are also called as odd-jobman or odd-jobber or simply handyman. In performing local handyman services in Macon, they are expected to perform certain tasks like sweeping, dusting, maintenance and light repairs, paint walls, repair equipment, plumbing and similar jobs as per their expertise. The jobbers should have good problem solving and communication skills. They should also be well-organized and also attention to detail. They should also have knowledge and experience with hardware tools and electrical equipment. The jobber should have completed his high school or metric.


Now-a-days it is hard to find a handyman who charges reasonable rates for their service and is available on time. Most of the electricians, masons, painters, plumbers and computer technicians are becoming costly day by day. They are also becoming less available. For instance, if a person wants to fix a tap in his/her home, he/she have to wait at least 5 to 10 days to get find a plumber and fix it. In India, it is observed that people hardly rely on handyman for jobs like minor repairing, plumbing or appliance repairing as they are not easily available and also costly as they have learnt certain tricks to repair the things. They also keep a small repair kit in their houses in case of emergency.


These jobs are considered menial jobs and are not given much importance. Because of this reason people do not want to perform these jobs. Government of India is also taking initiatives to promote these jobs and improving the unemployment condition of the country. Mr. KP Krishnan, one of the top bureaucrats in skill development ministry also said in one of his interviews that they are visiting various institutes to discuss the necessity of acquiring vocational skills and apprenticeship programs with the students. Still performing such jobs is considered as menial and low standard as per the so called standards set by the society. This is the reason people do not even want to learn such jobs. Government is taking several initiatives to improve the condition of this market. The growth happening over her3e is slow but it might hold pace in future.