Many of us are fierce advocates of social media, as it provides a great platform for engaging in conversation and connecting with like-minded individuals through the internet. But for those of you who are still hesitant about using Instagram as one of your marketing tools, here are some tricks to use Instagram for book marketing.

Use your hashtag

Whilst linking to your book on Instagram is a great idea and makes people aware of the book, it is not enough. When customers search for reviews of the book on Instagram, they will find your account listed only by its hashtag and not by your username. This means that you have to ensure that the hashtag is unique and does not exist. With, you can buy Instagram followers without worrying about violating any of Instagram’s terms of service.

Use relevant hashtags

It may seem like an obvious point, but using relevant hashtags is great for getting your book noticed by a wider audience. Try to think of popular tags which can relate to your book and post it on your Instagram. You may even want to create your own tag (e.g. #cutebooks) and tag all of the books that you are reviewing or promoting on Instagram.


Having more than one account on Instagram is not allowed, and if you have more than one, it will get deleted by Instagram. However, you may want to try to overlap your accounts and post similar content so that the tags are not too long and people cannot easily find the pages they are looking for.

Post photos with captions

The most successful Instagram users are those who post photos with captions with captions which include the product name or hashtag that is mentioned in the photo. This means that you should share images of your book on social media platforms which have some relevance to what you write about.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a great tool for creating recurring and engaging content for your Instagram page. The best time to post Instagram stories would be at the end of each week, when you have posted a ton of content on your other accounts. This is because Instagram would not let you publish one story per day. Other than that, the amount of data that you get from posting this kind of content is extremely high, so it might be worth the time spent creating them.

Be polite

When you are dealing with your customer, always be polite and willing to help them. This means that you have to be constantly active on social media and try to engage your customers in conversations where they can post their questions and queries. This makes the customers more thankful towards you, so that they can freely support you when you do something on social media.