36th FIPS-Mouche WFFC Vail 2016

The 36th edition of the increasingly popular Mouche Fly Fishing World Championship is about to be held this year in the town of Vail, Colorado from the 11th to the 18th of September. As usual, contestants are expected to travel from every corner of the world in order to compete for the title of this competition.

Locations Where the Championship will be Held

The opening ceremony as well as the closing ceremony will be in the town of Vail while the events of the championship will take place over five sectors as numbered in Latin:

  • Sector I – Eagle River
  • Sector II – Blue River
  • Sector III – Colorado River
  • Sector IV – Sylvan Lake
  • Sector V – Dillon Reservoir

How to Register?


The registration process is simple and can be broken down into four steps. Applicants and guests alike are going to have to email the organizing committee to request the application form, fill in the application form and submit it via email. Afterwards, wire the attendee fees. The organizers would then send the attendee confirmation.

Participation waivers will have to be signed by team members and emailed to the organizing committee as well along with a picture for every team member and guest. An official letter for the travel visa can be arranged through email and the Colorado fishing license can be arranged over the internet.

The Award Ceremony

The winning medals for teams and individuals will be handed out in a closing ceremony and an awards banquet is set to follow. Teams are expected to gather around in their last meeting in Vail Marriot Grand Ballroom to dine while watching the awards being handed out by sponsors to selected teams and individuals of the championship. After the end of the closing speeches, the ‘Sacred Scroll’ will be passed to the next country where the Championship will be held in 2017. The awards banquet and the opening ceremony ticket reservations can be done online.