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Welcome to Fishing Creek Angler, the place to be for every fly fishing enthusiast. This website is dedicated to featuring fly fishing spots and tournaments happening all over the world.

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Tips for Fly Fishing Beginners

If you are interested in fly fishing but don’t know much about it, these tips will help you in starting out on the right path!
Learn to Read the Water
Timing is a key factor to success and reading the water is a crucial factor in determining your timing. Reading the water is important to get a detailed insight into how fish are expected to move. As a result, you would determine the place you’re supposed to pick fish up from more easily. Looking under water is easier midday when the sun is in

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What is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is considered one of the best methods of catching fish either in salt or fresh water. In this method, fly anglers cast a hook which contains foam, fur or feathers to make an artificial fly to catch fish. The popularity of fly fishing is increasing day by day and there are many anglers who consider this type of fishing as their best bet to catch fish. There are two different forms of fly fishing. Dry fly fishing is one type of fly fishing while nymph fishing is the other type of fly fishing.

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