What is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is considered one of the best methods of catching fish either in salt or fresh water. In this method, fly anglers cast a hook which contains foam recliners, fur or feathers to make an artificial fly to catch fish. The popularity of fly fishing is increasing day by day and there are many anglers who consider this type of fishing as their best bet to catch fish. There are two different forms of fly fishing. Dry fly fishing is one type of fly fishing while nymph fishing is the other type of fly fishing.

Dry Fly Fishing

Dry fly fishing is a form of fly fishing which is very common and is easy to do as well. Everything in this form of fly fishing is visible to the catcher like the fake fly, the real fish and the scene of the fish taking the fly. The fish catchers tie fake flies and throw the thread into the water. The fake fly floats on the water, real fish come near to the fake flies mistaking them for real food and the catchers then try to move the fly away from the fish. They do this in order to make the fish tire enough to get it into the landing net. But there are other fish like Trout which tend to feed underwater and there is no chance of catching such fish through dry fly fishing.

Nymph Fishing

584fee1e09a0a4d96c92e44eeb9efd6eNymph fishing is considered more challenging than dry fly fishing because all of the processes are done beneath the surface of the water. You are required to cast heavy weighted flies in order to keep them below the surface of the water. Nothing is visible in this type of fishing. You won’t be able to see your flies or the real fish. However, it’s the form of fly fishing which must be mastered if you want to catch the likes of Trout, Chars and Salmon.

Here’s a quick video to get you started:

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