A transporter is responsible for transferring goods from one place to another. Loading of the vehicles with legal goods which is allowed by traffic laws to reach its end destination.

Scope of Driving Career:

A truck driver is referred to as a Teamster or Trucker in the United States and Canada. The driving career has its growth in the U.S market. In 2021, the total market size of the truckload industry in the united states is expected to reach over 212 billion U.S dollars.

It estimates 15.5 million trucks operators in the U.S. and so, the job opportunities for Teamsters are huge with the basic requirements and qualifications to apply for a trucking job.

In California, the Heavy Truck Drivers are expected to grow much faster than the average growth of all sectors. Jobs are expected to increase by 15.2 percent or 24, 400jobs within 2028.

Trucking Industry:

It stands as one of the largest revenue-gainingindustriesin the United States economy. It is known as freight companies that specialize in moving cargo from one place to another. It is a sub-sector of the transportation and warehousing sector. Nearly 6% of all full-time jobs in the U.S are trucking an industry that generates over $700 billion every year.

Trucking is considered to be most important as it’s the heartbeat of the U.S economy. The commodity consumed is based on industries of food, healthcare, transportation, retail, manufacturing, wastes, and banking.

Technological developments:

With Advanced International Logistics systems, Vehicle system coding, and data analytics whereas to work with the most advanced types of equipment, the trucking industry holds high-tech opportunities.


In today’s world, tracking of goods needs more accurate and advanced planning to deliver the logistics within a scheduled time. The planning needs to be done appropriately with advanced mapping features, GPS connectivity,and telematics ride management systems. It has Refrigerated trucks or temperature-controlledvehicles and Dry van freight shipping.

Freedom and Work balance:

The teamster can experience complete freedom as their work is just to drive long and unload the logistics at a scheduled time. It does not involve any analytical work or great work inputs. They can leisurely explore the vast areas of a country with this driving job.

An individual applying for a trucking job helps to maintain a stable and balanced lifestyle as the job involves scheduled shifts which automatically loads a person with responsibilities.


With the developed high-end technology, the automation of the vehicle usage with electric power, automatic brake assist, sensory perception. The innovation aims at delivering greater safety and productivity benefits.

Requirements of Trucking Job:

The qualification required to be a trucker was not much, it’s just needed to be age above 18 with a full car license and gain appropriate LGV training and Certificate of Professional competence to apply for a trucking job.

To become a commercial truck driver in the U.S, an individual must be qualified above the age of 21. And undergo a truck driving school qualification to gain Commercial Drivers License (CDL). A person who is willing to work on this job has to acquire these eligible certificates and training from professionals.