In layman’s language Steroids are simply man-made hormones that are made by using chemical methods. These are frequently used to treat numerous diseases, namely allergies, arthritis, hair loss, etc.

But still, they are not available without a prescription, and their higher dose causes irreversible damage to our bodies. The reason behind this is given below.

  • best steroids are addictive: Most steroids, once started, have to be used for a longer period. A person can’t immediately stop using it, as it will result in withdrawal symptoms.
  • Some sex hormone-based steroids can cause drastic changes in both males and females. For example, males may suffer from male pattern baldness, and females can experience facial hair growth.

Steroids for muscle growth:

Anabolic androgenic steroids are the subcategory of steroids taken by mostly males to boost their muscles and increase their muscle mass. They are also known as “man-made testosterone” in simpler terms.

Best Legal Steroids were earlier used by athletes and sportspersons to enhance their performance, but nowadays the craze of bodybuilding among boys has increased the usage of steroids drastically.

best legal steroid

Although it is completely against the rules to use steroids during sports events, they are still used now and then.

Legally, our government has not approved the use of steroids for any purpose except medical purposes. It is the easiest and wrongest way out there for muscle buildup. 

The safest steroids available for muscle growth are:

Although no steroid currently available is completely safe, some are less harmful than others.

  1. Testosterone: There are many safe testosterone supplements available on the market that are also legal. for example, testo max.
  2. Oxandrolone: This helps in reducing and cutting the fat of the body without losing lean muscle mass. These are considered safer than testosterone. Commonly, it is known by the name Anavar, which is the name of the most popular brand for it.

It is an FDA-approved drug for some medical issues as well. 

  1. Deca Durabolin: its scientific name is nandrolone, which is used to increase the size of the muscles. It is typically an FDA-approved medicine for treating cachexia, which is muscle wasting, and also for anemic patients because of its erythrocytosis property. From the 1970s until today, it has been the most famous steroid in the world because of its minimal side effects.

4. Other safer steroids include Winsol, Conbutrol, etc.