eToro is an online auction site that allows individuals to bid on and buy products listed by other users. Sellers list items they no longer need, and individuals can place bids to determine the selling price. It’s similar to eBay, emphasizing buying and selling used goods. Anyone can participate in eToro’s auctions, making it a good place for newer traders to start. However, it’s a more challenging site for those looking to make money. Here’s how to make money trading on eToro.



Before you start trading, you need to sign up for eToro and create your user account. If you already have an eBay account, you shouldn’t need to sign up on eToro separately; however, if this is your first time on eToro, creating your user account is required before you can begin trading.

Once you reach step seven above, you are ready to make bids. Sellers usually set bid prices, but eToro occasionally adjusts them based on demand or changes in supply. When deciding how much of an item to bid on or buy now, price adjustment (BPN) is how eToro pays traders without making them wait around until the end of the auction (and thereby incurring fees). Click here to learn more.


The less expensive items that people bid high on usually get sold much sooner than they might otherwise have been; however, if too many people want the same, the seller may decide to drop the price. When that happens, you’ll need to wait until eToro adjusts its advertising and sells it for a lower price before making your purchase. To determine how much BPN an item has had, head over to the item’s page and look at the “Last Bid Percentage” (LBP) at the top of each page. This is an indicator of how frequently eToro has adjusted prices since the prior period on that day. It also tells you how long it will be before eToro adjusts prices again based on demand or changes in supply.