People who have experimented with scrum nowadays are familiar with the roles of scrum master and product owner. The scrum master has the responsibility to ensure that the overall team follows the scrum process. The product owner has the responsibility to double-check that the team spends enough time for building things that bring the maximum value to the organization. You may think about the complete possibilities that a single person try tackling roles of both scrum master and product owner. You can focus on what happen when product owner and scrum master can be the same person at this time. You have to make a well-informed decision regarding the product development.

Concentrate on the important roles in detail

It is an appropriate time to know when the scrum master and product owner can be the same person. This happens in a ground-up implementation of the scrum especially when the product owner is not officially assigned to the team. This situation leaves the scrum master to fill such responsibilities. The product owner and the scrum master also the same when the scrum master of the team is also an individual contributor and too overwhelmed to concentrate on the scrum process. In these cases, the product owner has to step up to lead the process along with their own responsibilities.  If the team attempts to mix the complete responsibilities into a single role, it never ends well. You can focus on different scenarios and understand what happen when one person performs the roles of the product owner and the scrum master.

Fulfil wishes about the product development

The scrum master wears the hat of product owner sometimes when these two roles are combined. Though this sounds logical, the scrum master may not have the overall access to every customer to gather valuable feedback. The team simply breaks an un-validated product down into small prices for delivering each incrementally without actionable feedback. You have to bear in mind that incremental delivery is vital over a single large delivery and the complete reality is really an efficient method to deliver the wrong product.  You can consult with specialists in the complete administration of the scrum team and fulfil your wishes about the product development within the schedule and budget.