Hookah has today become very popular for a lot of people modernly. It’s a social type of smoking, which is fruity and stronger than the traditional ways of having tobacco. Shisha is a tobacco that is generally smoked in hookah; you can get more knowledge at https://blackshisha.com/.

It’s roasted very slowly by simmering coals heat and cooled down in water, and then inhaled through the long hose. In this post, we will learn about hookah and help you get the best one available.


You must consider material that the hookah is made from. Some best hookahs are actually ones made from solid brass or combination of steel and brass, like in the traditional hookahs.

When investing in the hookah made from solid brass or steel and brass is that it can be prone to rust, hence must be polished regularly. The solid brass hookahs make a best choice for the hookah lovers, they are high maintenance.

Suppose you do not think you may keep up with the hookah maintenance, you can go for the hookah made from the material other than the brass. Such hookahs generally need to-die-for its looks. Also, your selection of hookah must be based over how much money and effort you want to put in the maintenance.

Why’s Material Very Important?

An important reason why to look for the good material is that material used for making the hookah affects its durability and performance. Material can affect the hookah price & how satisfied you are after using this. There’re people who generally prefer combination of stainless steel and brass.



The hookah weight generally depends on material of the manufacture, and stainless steel hookahs are heavier than others. Weight doesn’t affect the features and quality of the smoking procedure.

When specifying “Weight” parameter, we generally mean weight of the standard package from its manufacturer.


Selecting the perfect height for hookah is another important thing to consider. Experienced hookah fans prefer toward the hookahs between 45cm and 70cm. This particular height range is happy medium of the performance and handling.

But, someone that plans to camp and travel will prefer the smaller hookah. On the other hand, someone who plans to smoke on outdoor patio might want the tall hookah to be placed on floor next to the high table.

Final Words

Overall, hookah smoking is considered highly customizable that can easily be done in many different ways. So, this makes it popular both privately and socially.