World of entertainment has vastly changed over the course of a few years with technology being at the forefront of it all. At present, online games have gathered mass popularity owing to their convenience and ease of operation. These are done on PCs, TVs, tablets and even phone devices and are of several categories like shooting games, multiplayer games, role playing and strategy games. With the revenue in recent times generating over 3 billion USD, gaming has become akin to traditional sports with leagues and tournaments being offered. Online games have several benefits attached to them, it allows gamers to be connected developing camaraderie and teamwork, enhances speed and focus improves multitasking, improves communication and enables problem solving.

Joana Leveling

One of the most popular forms of it multi player games of which world of warcraft is number 1. World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game which was released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. The game provides an opportunity for gamers to create their own characters or avatars and explore different situations from completing quests, interacting with other players and to fighting monsters and or other players. The game works by the avatar chosen levelling up. This implies making their character acquired new skill sets or get stronger or even get new weapons. Players are able to do these using trades and buying and selling of points. Owing to having over 12 million subscribers and grossing over 9 billion in revenue it has been considered one of the most successful gaming universes.

With the upsurge of these games comes the demand for guide books and reviews to enhance avatars. This has resulted in the rise of several guide books and levelling tips. Reliable ones like joana leveling provide directions using first person recording runs. It shows what characters are to be chosen and how they can be levelled up and finding gold. Descriptive and elaborate videos are the cornerstone to this guides popularity with over 80 levelling guide videos. The videos allow for saving precious time by going through quests rather than the end user slogging finding pathways and since it is done by a World of Warcraft professional gamer the game interface is broken down into understandable chunks and reduces unnecessary tasks. This guide is a legal way to level up a gamer avatar thereby preventing any penalty or banning actions.