In this era, all of us have access to Internet services where we can browse, stream, upload, download any content available on the Internet. But this doesn’t wound up all the use of the Internet. We haven’t even noticed many more things yet, and we are still unaware of those. So, today we will discuss residential proxy and what is the use of this?

Features of Residential Proxies

Residential Proxies are IP addresses that are issued for the existing device by a real internet service provider. In simple language, remote gadgets help you reconnect or rerouting the traffic to the particular website and make your information anonymous.It is up to the proxy server provider whether you can target certain countries or not.

residential proxy

Functions of residential proxies

The Residential proxy will gain you access to multiple pools of IP addresses based on your location preference. The pool list depends on your needs and the subscription that you have chosen. It is used for multiple purposes such as:

  • Data Gathering- These proxies are used for gathering data from the Internet. A special tool called a scraper is used to acquire this information. Data gathering has become one of the most important things for a business to be successful.
  • Marketing Research- A marketing strategy is good when they have the right content. Most proxies user use this for keeping an eye on the competitor.
  • Search Engine Optimization- SEO specialists use proxies to rank websites from verified locations and target ads. Viewing a website from the perspective of another country ensures your anonymity. Also, they help the business to know what the competitors are up to.
  • Testing- The developers also use testing to test their services and to make sure whether they are working properly or not regardless of the locations. Proxies are claimed to be the best for testing the servers because of their protection and ability to reroute the traffic.
  • Brand Protection- When browsing the internet through multiple eyes of users from different locations, the brands quickly identify malefactors. Finding infringement cases and restoring/collecting proof when any rule of law is violated helps with brand protection.

Winding up the solution

Residential Proxy is a useful and valuable tool for any business or individual user. The only thing which should be avoided is the free proxies server because they will not perform any good for you.